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This aerial tour from 2022 provides a sneak peek inside three of our four ABA Therapy clinics and the creative spaces and amenities our clinics provide. Individuals ages 2 years old up through young adult come here for comprehensive therapy to support their communication, behavioral, adaptive, social and emotional needs. 

After six years in Berkley, Michigan, in 2016, Healing Haven moved to Madison Heights. We started with one clinic off 13 Mile Road. Over the years we expanded to now have four therapy clinics and two administrative and professional office spaces on our one-of-a-kind autism therapy campus. 

Below we provide detailed slide shows inside each of our four clinics. 

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Early Intervention Clinic
30685 Barrington St.

Early Intervention Entrance

Our Early Intervention Clinic for our youngest clients opened phase one in August 2021, with the entire building complete in the spring of 2022. Below you can take a virtual tour our clinic designed specifically for our Early Intervention clients. In these spaces they can work on language development, socialization and play skills in ABA, as well as Speech and Occupational Therapy.

Early Intervention Entrance
Early Intervention Family Waiting RoomEarly Intervention Family Waiting Room
Our entrance includes our Family Waiting Room, where parents are welcome to stay while their child receives therapy. This provides opportunities for parents to connect with others, relax or even work remotely if needed.
Early Intervention Therapy RoomEarly Intervention Therapy Room
Therapy Rooms
We have well equipped rooms for each child to receive one-on-one therapy from their ABA Therapist where they work on language, play and social skills.
Early Intervention GymEarly Intervention Gym
Our therapeutic gym provides opportunities for young children to move, slide, jump, balance, swing and interact with their peers.
Early Intervention Sensory RoomEarly Intervention Sensory Room
Sensory Room
Our custom designed sensory room is the perfect setting for children to relax while they learn calming and self-regulation skills.
Early Intervention Group RoomEarly Intervention Group Room
Group Room
In our Early Intervention Group Room, a few clients can come together to work on sitting in a group, socialization and responding to leader instructions.
Early Intervention Ancillary GymEarly Intervention Ancillary Gym
Ancillary Gym
In this smaller space, our Occupational Therapy team works with clients on developing motor planning, coordination and balance. And our Speech Therapy team utilizes the space to work on communication and language development in a fun setting.
EI_Phase 1 Learning OppEI_Phase 1 Learning Opp
Learning Opportunities
The hallways have learning opportunities around every corner, from songs, to sensory and language skill building and more!
Early Intervention I Spy QuiltEarly Intervention I Spy Quilt
Learning Opportunities
We have two handmade I Spy quilts to provide ample learning opportunities for children to visually scan, identify and name objects.
Early Intervention Cozy Corner Reading NookEarly Intervention Cozy Corner Reading Nook
Cozy Corner
Clients can relax on a the sofa with their Therapist, look at books and continue to work on language and play skill development in a cozy setting.
Early Intervention PlaygroundEarly Intervention Playground
Our Madison Heights Fire Department Playground provides our clients the opportunity to enjoy play time outside! We are grateful for the support of the MHFD!

Young Learners Clinic
30821 Barrington St.

HH1 outside

This clinic is now dedicated to our pre-K to early elementary clients. Here you can take a virtual tour of Healing Haven’s ABA, speech and occupational therapy rooms and amenities serving children in the Young Learners program.

HH1 outside
parent waiting room HH1parent waiting room HH1
Family Waiting Room
Ample space for sibling play, working, lounging and eating provides our families with a home like atmosphere.
Healing Haven Play RoomHealing Haven Play Room
Play Room
Where we work on all elements of play including turn taking and pretend based play skills.
motor roommotor room
Motor Room
Stocked with toys, a customized game kiosk and a child sized computer to work on fine motor skills.
trial roomtrial room
Trial Room
Where we work one-on-one on communication and academic type skills.
sensory room HH1sensory room HH1
The Curtis Relaxation Room
Providing a soothing space for our children to practice deep breathing and muscle relaxation to promote calm, attentive behaviors.
group room HH1group room HH1
Group Room
Where we work on social interactions during group based activities and our customized lunch program.
Gym HH1Gym HH1
Donated by the Ted Lindsay Foundation, our gym provides opportunities for children to get out their energy, work on OT skills and engage with peers.
speech rooms HH1speech rooms HH1
Gigi's Kids Speech & Language Therapy
Providing one service location for children to receive Speech and ABA Therapy.
DI classroomDI classroom
Direct Instruction Room
Designed for when they transition to a school setting, children learn to follow group instructions and classroom like routines.
HH playgroundHH playground
Kids need the opportunity to play outside, so our Playground is the perfect spot to swing and slide as a reward for their hard work, or to continue their therapy.

School & Community Readiness Clinic
30755 Barrington St.

Healing Haven Clinic Exterior

This clinic is dedicated to clients in the upper elementary through middle school age range. Take a virtual tour of Healing Haven’s ABA, speech and occupational therapy rooms providing age-appropriate programs including life skills and pre-vocational activities.

Healing Haven Clinic Exterior
HH2 lobbyHH2 lobby
Each student is assigned their own locker like in school.
parent waiting room HH2parent waiting room HH2
Family Waiting Room
Ample space for working, watching TV and eating, providing our families with a home like atmosphere.
play room HH2play room HH2
Play Room
Featuring retro and current video games, a Lego bar and tons of games for kids to take a break & have fun!
client roomclient room
Motor Room
Our grown-up Motor Room where kids learn to build and create things, while working on fine motor skills.
sensory room HH2sensory room HH2
Sensory Room
Providing a soothing space for our children to practice deep breathing and muscle relaxation to promote calm, attentive behaviors.
gym HH2gym HH2
Our gym features swings, a rock climbing wall, exercise stations and an air hockey game, where students can get their energy out & connect with peers.
cafe HH2cafe HH2
A place for our older students to learn valuable pre-vocational skills at our Expressive Espresso Cafe, and sell their creations at our Market.
DI room HH2DI room HH2
Designed like a regular school classroom where students can learn to follow group instructions and classroom like routines.
life skills room HH2life skills room HH2
Life Skills Room
In our studio apartment, children learn daily chores necessary for independence.
speech roomsspeech rooms
Gigi's Kids Speech Therapy
Providing one service location for children to receive Speech and ABA Therapy.

Life Skills Clinic
30701 Barrington St. Suite 125

Healing Haven Clinic Exterior

Our Life Skills Clinic is designed for our oldest clients from 13 years old up to young adults. It opened in March of 2024, adding some new and unique programs. Take a virtual tour of our newest space, designed to support continued social, vocational and daily living skills through ABA, Speech and Occupational Therapies.

Healing Haven Clinic Entry
Apartment- LSApartment- LS
Our mock apartment allows us the opportunity to learn skills such as organizing down time, cleaning and practicing social skills needed to be in community with friends.
Kitchen - LSKitchen - LS
In our fully functioning kitchen, clients can learn to cook, clean and practice safety skills.
Bedroom - LSBedroom - LS
In our mock bedroom, clients will practice skills such as sorting laundry, determining what is clean and dirty, picking up and putting away their clothing, selecting clothes to match the weather and making a bed.
Leisure Game Room - LSLeisure Game Room - LS
Leisure Room
The Leisure Room provides a variety of activities that offer rich opportunities to practice social skills and engage in rewarding activities. These skills are necessary to teach clients to organize their downtime.
Sensory Room - LSSensory Room - LS
Sensory Room
Our custom designed sensory room is the perfect setting for clients to relax while they learn calming and self-regulation skills.
Healing Haven Craft RoomHealing Haven Craft Room
Craft Room
Expanding on the emphasis for leisure, our craft room allows clients to explore their creative side. Clients learn to make crafts to fill up the marketplace in our School and Community Readiness Clinic.
Healing Haven Unique BoutiqueHealing Haven Unique Boutique
Unique Boutique
Our mock store offers our clients a place to learn and practice vocational and social skills, like taking inventory and selecting and delivering orders to staff. This allows them to practice following instructions and social engagement in a unique and functional manner.
Healthy Haven Store - LSHealthy Haven Store - LS
Healthy Haven
Our mock Grocery Story, Healthy Haven, provides clients the opportunity to role play both the skills needed to work at or shop at a grocery store. Complex multi-step directions and social interactions are emphasized.
Healing Haven Mock CafeHealing Haven Mock Cafe
Connections Café
Our mock café teaches clients appropriate skills for both working in or dining at a restaurant. The valuable social skills are helpful to practice before the transition to the community.
OT Room - LSOT Room - LS
OT Room
Our Occupational Therapists use this clinic to practice a wide range of vocational to functional daily living skills.

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