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Spiritual Care

Spiritual Care Resources for Healing Haven Clients and Staff

At Healing Haven, we are always thinking of ways to helps parents and caregivers deal with the challenges and stress of raising a child with special needs. From the beginning, our approach has emphasized “early intervention for developing parental coping skills.” We teach parents how to care for themselves, so they are better equipped to care for their children. We also offer best-in-class stress management training and behavioral counseling for our clients and their families.

We are excited to expand the support we offer families through our Spiritual Care resources. These resources are based on research which reveals that incorporating spirituality into healthcare leads to improved health outcomes. Many studies show that spirituality and the practice of prayer is correlated to an elevated mood, a bigger sense of purpose, hopefulness, the ability to cope with difficult situations and improved mental health and well-being.

Our Spiritual Care resources are available to all clients, families and staff of all faiths and include the following:

  • Spiritual Care Library: This small library provides books and materials to encourage and inspire parents and children. The books are free and are available in our Young Learners Clinic Family Waiting Room at 30821 Barrington Street. Books include topics on prayer, faith, parenting, growing up with a special needs sibling and more.
  • Spiritual Care Prayer Team: Our Prayer Team is a small group of pastors and Healing Haven staff who regularly pray for the health and wellbeing of our clients, families, and clinicians. The Prayer Team maintains a Spiritual Care Prayer List with the specific prayer requests that have been received. We invite you to add a prayer request to the list by completing the Prayer Request Submittal form below. Any prayer requests received will be kept confidential. 

We will be praying for you—we believe in the power of prayer!

Prayer Request Submission Form

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Thank you and may God bless you and encourage you.