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Applied Behavior Analysis Careers in Metro Detroit

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Looking to embark on a rewarding applied behavior analysis career in the bustling metro-Detroit area? Look no further, as Healing Haven offers plentiful opportunities in ABA Therapy. With the increasing demand for this specialized therapy for children diagnosed with autism, you have the chance to make a profound impact on their lives.

Watch our FAQ’s video to get your questions answered about working at Healing Haven

As a Behavior Technician, you become an instrumental figure in teaching children crucial communication skills and guiding them through the steps of acquiring life skills that may come naturally to others. Moreover, you play a vital role in fostering their social interactions and facilitating their development of play skills.

Curious if a career in ABA Therapy is the right fit for you? Discover what sets Healing Haven apart and makes it an exceptional place to nurture your career in ABA Therapy right here in Metro Detroit. We are conveniently located off 13 Mile Road in Madison Heights near I-75, easily reachable from many surrounding communities.

Behavior Technicians at Healing Haven

Why Healing Haven?

At Healing Haven, we take immense pride in our exceptional team and the culture of trust and commitment we foster. As a renowned provider of ABA Therapy in Metro Detroit, our online presence and strong reputation attract a steady stream of families seeking our services. Consequently, we are always seeking talented and like-minded individuals to join our dynamic team.

What sets us apart in the realm of applied behavior analysis careers in Metro Detroit? Here are a few standout features:

Our dedication to treating the whole family extends to the well-being of our team members. Alongside competitive compensation, we offer a complete benefits package including health insurance, dental and vision coverage, a 401K plan, vacation time, paid holidays, engaging social activities, and more!

We believe in equipping our team members for success, which is why we provide extensive training programs. These programs ensure you have the knowledge and skills necessary to make a positive and meaningful impact in the lives of our clients.

Opportunities for advancement abound at Healing Haven. Many of our valued administrative and management team members initially began their journey with us as entry-level Behavior Technicians. We prioritize nurturing your professional growth and offer clear pathways for career advancement within our organization.

We value our team members and their commitment to the work that we do. We regularly show our thanks through a variety of ways – whether it’s recognition through rewards like gift cards, verbal praise, food treats like a coffee bar, special events or annual reviews and annual merit increases.

“I love coming to work knowing that we are making a significant difference in the lives of children with special needs. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else with my life!” – Healing Haven Team Member

What Our Team Members Have to Say

"The best part of the job is making gains and progress with the clients and seeing their growth! It makes me so happy and fills up my bucket. It’s an amazing place to work."
Behavior Technician
"This is more than a job, it feels meaningful to wake up each day and make a difference."
Behavior Technician
"The culture at Healing Haven is awesome. Everyone works so hard for the kids and they support each other through everything. The work we do is not easy so it is nice to have a place that feels comfortable and supportive!"
Behavior Technician
"I’m grateful to be part of such a supportive team who encourages professional growth with the clients’ needs in mind. Having management who takes action toward progressive approaches and so receptive to change is invaluable. The fact that I can lean on my supervisor and coworkers when I need to makes for a supportive environment."

The Increasing Demand for Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy

The need for our unique blend of services continues to grow. As a result, our need for qualified professionals also grows. Careers in ABA Therapy in the expansive Metro Detroit area are plentiful. However, not all providers are the same.

Are you passionate about helping and serving children with autism (and other special needs) and their families? Whether it’s providing ABA Therapy, Counseling, Occupational Therapy, or administrative functions, all positions play a part in making an impact.

We are hiring entry level Behavior Technicians and BA/BS students and graduates for our Behavior Technician position. These roles deliver the hands-on therapies to our clients. (RBT training is provided). Learn more about this position through this post: Jobs in ABA Therapy: What to Expect. Our team of BCBA’s manage and coordinate the individual services designed for each child.

We Are Currently Hiring:

Accounts Receivable Coordinator

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Behavior Technicians

Occupational Therapist

Comprehensive Training for a Career in ABA Therapy

At Healing Haven, our commitment to excellence is evident through our comprehensive training program, setting us apart as a premier choice among ABA providers. We prioritize equipping our new Behavior Technicians with a well-rounded blend of hands-on experience, didactic learning, and online training. This meticulous approach ensures the development of competency in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis, enabling our team members to make a profound impact.

Upon joining our team, new employees embark on an immersive training journey. They have the opportunity to observe experienced technicians, engage in video modeling, participate in role-playing exercises, and tackle scenario-based problem-solving tasks. With a focus on active responding, our comprehensive training program ensures that all new team members receive a minimum of 80 hours, and up to 120 hours, of training before commencing one-on-one work with clients.

One significant aspect of our training is the opportunity for Behavior Technicians to pursue RBT® certification. As part of our commitment to professional growth and proficiency, we provide all new Behavior Technicians with the necessary training to become Registered Behavior Technicians®. This involves completing a minimum of 40 hours of ABA training and undergoing an RBT Competency Assessment conducted by a supervising BCBA. Afterward, aspiring RBTs must pass the RBT exam administered by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB). To maintain their RBT credential, they are required to log weekly supervision hours and complete annual competency assessments.

It’s essential to emphasize that our dedication to training extends beyond the initial onboarding process. At Healing Haven, Behavior Technician training is an ongoing endeavor throughout your employment. We provide QBS training, along with emergency preparedness. QBS is safety care training that focuses on crisis management and prevention, primarily through proactive strategies. We are committed to continuously improving your independence as a technician in order to enhance the overall quality of life for the children we serve.

When considering a career in ABA Therapy, it’s crucial to assess the level of training provided by the ABA provider. Thorough and comprehensive training not only equips you with the necessary skills but also ensures that you can make a truly positive impact. Join Healing Haven, where our commitment to exceptional training empowers you to excel and transform lives.

ABA Therapy Careers in Metro Detroit​

If you’re intrigued and considering a career in ABA Therapy, we invite you to have a conversation with us about joining our team at Healing Haven. We believe we may be the perfect fit for your rewarding new career. Reach out to us directly at 248-965-3916, or simply fill out the form below, and we’ll be sure to get in touch with you. Don’t forget to share information in the “Tell Us More About You,” section.

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