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Autism Therapy Services In Michigan

One-of-a-Kind Services to Enhance Your Child’s Development

One-of-a-Kind Services to Enhance Your Child's Development

Providing Behavioral Health and Autism Therapy Services in Michigan

Autism Testing & Evaluations

Our highly specialized clinical team administers a variety of evaluations that support families in search of answers.

Therapy Programs

While most ABA providers focus on servicing children from 2-7 y/o, Healing Haven serves clients up to 16 y/o.

Parent Training

Learn ABA principles to effectively shape behaviors in your children, as well as contribute to their development.

Speech Therapy

Improve play skills and interpersonal relationships, as well as receptive and expressive language development.

Occupational Therapy

Foster motor, sensory, and executive functioning skills foundational to your child’s ability to live their best life.


We serve the entire family with stress management training for parents of kids with autism and other special needs.

See Our Location

Get an inside look at our three clinics serving children, our Early Intervention Clinic, our Young Learners Clinic and our School & Community Readiness Clinic.

About Healing Haven

Founded in 2010 by Jamie McGillivary, MS, LLP, BCBA, we are a team of professionals that have dedicated our lives to bettering the lives of families of children with special needs. We specialize in autism, though we are skilled at treating all children that have behavioral issues or deficits in the area of socialization, language and play.

We are “out of the box” thinkers when it comes to our treatment approach that is rooted in ABA therapy. At our foundation, we believe in listening to each family’s unique set of needs, and creating a plan that treats everyone in the family, all while meeting each person where they are at in their journey.

On Our Blog

On Our Blog

Join Our Team

At Healing Haven we are very proud of the team we have assembled and the culture of trust and commitment that we embody. Because of the tremendous need for qualified professionals, Healing Haven is always looking to add talented, like-minded individuals to our dynamic team. Use the links below to apply directly through our Indeed page.

We are currently hiring:

Exciting News - We’re expanding to Farmington Hills!

Healing Haven is bringing our comprehensive autism therapy services for children ages 2 up to 8 years to Farmington Hills this fall. Services include ABA, Speech and Occupational Therapies. Located on Northwestern Highway north of 13 Mile Rd.

Contact us to get on our waitlist,
or apply to join our team!